Core Values

1. Central Emphasis on the Gospel and teaching the Scriptures

We believe the Bible (in general) and the gospel (in particular) as God’s authority in how we understand how to live as godly workers in the workplace and make Christ known. Reading and teaching of the Bible (especially in Bible talks and Bible study) will be the focus of our events, rather than just sharing of tips and experience.

2. Faithful Bible teaching & living

We believe that sound doctrine is important, so the Bible must be taught faithfully in context in a gospel-centered way. Furthermore, we believe our living as Christians should be faithful to the Bible teaching.

3. Inductive Bible Study

We believe in the systematic exposition of the Scriptures in its context and application coming from the central truth of the passage.

4. Reliance on God in Prayer

We believe in the sovereignty of God in salvation and sanctification and therefore recognize the need to be depend on God in prayer. Prayer is therefore a core component of our events , and an essential commitment of leaders within WMM.

5. Evangelism

We believe it is only through the person and work of Christ especially in his death and resurrection that we be forgiven, justified and reconciled to God. Hence we believe that the gospel should be proclaimed to all people regardless of race, religion, or language calling on people to repent and believe in Jesus.

6. Guarding the Gospel

We recognize the God-given responsibility of all Christian’s to guard the true gospel and ensure that we teach and live in accord with sound doctrine. Hence we believe all committee members, and speakers must adhere to the mission statement, doctrinal statement and core values listed in this document and at least one member of the committee is a current evangelical reformed pastor.


It is our aim to get Christians together to remember the gospel and the bearing it should have on our lives as workers. At our events we take time to think and talk about what the Bible says about workers and work. We hope our events will serve to encourage and equip you to serve Christ in your own workplace.