Mission Statement and Vision

To glorify God in response to his grace by presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to every worker in Kuala Lumpur so that they may respond in repentance and faith, be established in the fellowship of believers, and live as disciples of Christ in their workplace and wherever they are.

To this end we strive by:


Making contact, creating opportunities and encouraging Christian and non-Christian workers who can be evangelised, taught and learn from the Bible.


Given workers a well-rounded biblical understanding of work and it’s place in the Christian life so that they might persevere in living God-honoring lives in the workplace, shining as lights for the gospel in word and action.


Encouraging workers to see their workplaces to do the ministry of making Christ known and encouraging fellow believers.


It is our aim to get Christians together to remember the gospel and the bearing it should have on our lives as workers. At our events we take time to think and talk about what the Bible says about workers and work. We hope our events will serve to encourage and equip you to serve Christ in your own workplace.