Kids' Church

Kids Church meets at 10:30am on Sunday mornings. Children from the age of 3 to the end of primary school have a great time learning about Jesus.

Children have the opportunity to learn more about Jesus through songs, games, drama and activities.





The creche is a glass panelled room which is attached to the hall where the service is held so parents are able to still listen to the sermon. There is a time of singing, story and prayer with the children at the start of each session before they go off to play with age appropriate toys and books.

In addition there is a changing table with supplies for your convenience, play pens/sleeping cots, baby bouncer and for nursing mothers the creche has a nursing pillow and chairs.

Here children meet for a short playtime followed by some singing, games and a brief time of learning about God and Jesus. The children have their own room at the back of the 10.30 Family service and 2 - 3 teachers to supervise and lead the activities. Parents are welcome to stay if their child is unsettled but we do encourage parents of more confident little ones to leave them in our care while parents participate in the services.

Children spend a good deal of the time reading Gods word with help from the teachers and learning more about trusting and following Jesus. We will spend some time playing games which help understand the passages being taught as well as singing and craft activities to reinforce the message.

For this age group we spend a good deal of time sharing and discussing application of God's word often using puzzles and games to introduce or reinforce the topic. Children become confident in finding their way around the bible and are encouraged to read out in class if they are able. We also spend some time introducing key aspects of the church service such as confession and intercession helping them to prepare to participate in the adult church services.