Praise and Worship

Praise & Worship services are held every Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Cathedral with spiritually thriving sessions of worship followed by impactful Bible-based sermons and ministry time. A light dinner is also provided before every service.

Touching Hearts, Transforming Lives

Every Wednesday at 7.30pm

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It has been 25 years since the humble beginnings of Praise & Worship Ministry at St Mary’s Cathedral. The Lord has always been there to sustain and further His ministry to this very day.

The Praise & Worship services’ draw a consistent number of worshippers from both denominational and non-denominational congregations. They appeal to beyond St Mary’s Cathedral to Christians as well as non-Christians alike, with its consistent and spiritually thriving sessions of worship followed by in-depth sermons and ministry time. A variety of speakers, from both the Cathedral and other churches and ministries, spanning a myriad of nations ensure a fresh and broad coverage of Bible-based sermons. Messages preached are consistently good, impacting lives and invoking change. The congregation is challenged to heed altar calls made with faith and trust and they are taught to apply biblical principles as they face challenges in life.

This is the only service in the Cathedral where time is allotted for testimonies. They uplift, encourage, and enable the congregation to stand in public and give thanks to God for His touch in their lives.

Dedicated worship teams from different churches offer time, talents and effort each week to contribute to St Mary’s Cathedral. Multimedia is used extensively to ensure seamless & cohesive services with display of song and references to biblical verses where appropriate.

Much of our contributions go toward our continued support for local and foreign mission work. Published pamphlets, Biblical material and “Wholeness Newsletters” are distributed weekly.

A light dinner is also provided at 7pm before every service.

"I have been attending St. Mary's for over 20 years and never really
took an interest to attend Praise & Worship on Wednesday nights. But
five years ago, after I started attending, I began to see amazing changes
in my life that has made me a lot closer to the Lord. My prayer and
worship life has been enriched, and now, I really look forward to
Wednesday nights at St. Mary’s."
-Jeremy Joseph, Lay Reader

Come, join us and see what God can do in your life!