Throughout the year the cathedral offers different seminars which are run to help further equip, train and nurture our community.

Ongoing Seminars

The cathedral seeks to run each of the following types of seminars each year. Biblical Theology Seminars - Each year the cathedral covers one aspect of Biblical Theology. In 2012, we ran a seminar over two weekends where we looked at the big picture of the Bible's storyline. Doctrine Seminars - The cathedral also runs a seminar on one aspect of doctrine. In 2011, the seminar was on the doctrine of the Trinity. Parenting or Marriage Seminars.

The year 2017 marks the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation, a crucial turning point in church history, where the biblical gospel, which had been corrupted and lost in the Medieval church, was discovered afresh. Operating on the principle of "Scripture Alone", the Reformers took the church back to the Bible, to affirm with the greatest clarity that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

Listen to past talks, and mark the dates in your diary for upcoming seminars where we explore the events and people who changed our world.

Past Seminars

Traditional Chinese Beliefs (Oct 2017)

Ecclesiology and the Means of Grace (Aug 2017)

Transgender (Jan 2017)

Christology (Sep 2016)

Mission Seminar (Jan 2016)

Romans (May 2015)

Friendship (May 2015)

Unlocking Revelation (July 2014)

Staying Spiritually Fresh (November 2013)

Doctrine Seminar: Justification (September 2013)

Is God Anti-Gay? (July 2013)

Contentment - Cathedral Women's Fellowship Event (July 2013)

Gospel Centred Counselling (January 2012) - Tim Lane from the Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation ran two seminars entitled 'Gospel-centred counselling' and 'How people change'. The former helped us to think about how, as people who minister to one another in formal and informal counselling capacities, we can be Gospel-centred in our approach. The latter helped us to think through the process of change in ourselves as individuals with the different situations we are faced. As we start to understand our own heart and responses and God's grace and work in our lives we will be able to then minister to those around us.

Resolving Everyday Conflict

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