We have a range of Easter services in the Cathedral in our usual language services. We would love for you to join us as we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Passion Week, Monday 15 - Wednesday 17 April

7.30AM - Holy Eucharist (Various preachers)

7.30PM - Holy Eucharist (Various preachers)

Maundy Thursday, 18 April

7.30AM - Holy Eucharist (Speaker: Andrew Cheah)

7.30PM - Holy Eucharist (Speaker: Andrew Cheah)

Good Friday, 19 April

7.00AM - Holy Eucharist (Speaker: Vincent Murphy)

8.30AM - Liturgy of the Word for Good Friday (Speakers: Archbishop Ng Moon Hing, Jerome Jayasekara, Andy Woodliffe, Jeffri Chiam)

7.30PM - Contemporary (SMACC) Service (Speaker: Tim Nicholls)

8.00PM - Bahasa Malaysia Service (Speaker: Iben Arang)

8.00PM - Iban Service (Speaker: John Layang)

Easter Eve, 20 April

5.00PM - Mandarin Service (Speaker: Andy Ng)

8.00PM - The Great Vigil of Easter with Baptism and Confirmation (Speaker: Archbishop Ng Moon Hing)

Easter Day, 21 April

7.00AM - Traditional Eucharist (Speaker: Andrew Cheah)

8.00AM - Iban Service (Speaker: John Layang)

8.30AM - Traditional Eucharist (Speaker: Archbishop Ng Moon Hing)

9.30AM - Nepali Service at Puchong Outreach Centre (Speaker: John Siwakoti

10.30AM - Traditional Family Eucharist (Speaker: Archbishop Ng Moon Hing)

10.30AM - Contemporary (SMACC) Christmas Day Family Service (Speaker: Tim Philips)

10.30AM - Bahasa Malaysia Service (Speaker: Iben Arang)

10.30AM - Iban Service at ACA, Jalan Pahang (Speaker: John Layang)

10.30AM - Iban Service at Mentakab (Speaker: Mensu Tamin)

5.00PM - Contemporary (SMACC) Service (Speaker: Tim Philips)

6.00PM - Traditional Eucharist (Speaker: Andrew Cheah)

Services are in English at the Cathedral unless otherwise stated