Welcome to our booking page where you can book to attend a ‘live’ service at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Risk Assessment and Eligibility Criteria

Before you fill out the booking form, please work out your risk category and your eligibility. You can work out your risk category using the chart below:

If you fall into the Very High Risk Category we regret that we are unable to allow you to come due to the risk to your life and health. Please do continue to participate through the online service. Very High Risk category includes people over 70 years or people with known medical conditions in the chart.

If you fall into the High Risk Category we discourage you from coming for your own safety. This includes people who are 60-70 years old and those with other conditions mentioned in the chart. Our advice would be to continue to participate through the online service. However, if having weighed the risks, you decide to come we will accept your booking and you will be welcome to participate.

If you fall into the Low Risk Category, you are encouraged to register unless you are not permitted to attend. Children under 12 years of age as well as all non-Malaysians are not permitted to attend at the moment.

Things to take note of:

All those who successfully register will receive an email a few days before the service giving you more details of the service arrangements.

If you develop any symptoms of Covid-19 (fever 37.5 or above, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, chills & rigors, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell) please do not come to church that day even if you have a booking.

All attendees will be subject to a temperature check at the screening counter as well as being asked about symptoms before being allowed to enter the church building. If you have symptoms or if you register a temperature of 37.5°C and above, you will be asked to return and rest at home.

You are required to bring and have a mask on at all times when present within the grounds of the Cathedral.

Please remember to bring along your Identification Card (IC) and be ready to present it to our volunteers when requested to do so.

We regret to inform you that our washrooms will not be available for use.

If you wish to support the work of ministry of the Cathedral through giving, you can place your contribution into the locked box by the glass doors as you enter the Main Cathedral or you can continue to give online from home.

You are asked to at all times follow the instructions and leading of the service team, who have been entrusted with the responsibility of executing the Cathedral's SOP for services in a safe environment by instruction of the Dean.

The following details are required for submission to secure a seat in one of the appointed Services.

Please note that by submitting this information to St. Mary's Cathedral Kuala Lumpur, you are agreeing to the sharing, printing and distribution of your personal information to and with relevant Government agencies and authorities, in relation to the Covid-19 situation and for the purposes of contact tracing.

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