St Mary’s Cathedral is the oldest brick church in Malaysia, going back to the colonial era. It has early Gothic architectural features and items in common with the Royal Albert Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Come take a tour of a church that queens and princes have visited and that has withstood two world wars and numerous floods.

Tour Options

Due to current restrictions, we are not able to conduct physical tours of the Cathedral but we currently offer online tours that provide a richer experience.

Public tours are also available on a bi-monthly basis. Click here to find out when the next tour will be held and to sign up.

Private group tours can be arranged by completing this form.

What is included in the tour

  • Learn about the history of the Cathedral and its connection with Malaysia’s past. Embark on a fascinating guided tour of this early English Gothic style church. This tour will take you through over 10 stations in the cathedral. See the official seat of the Anglican Archbishop of Malaysia, a pipe organ designed and built by the famous Englishman Henry Willis, historical plaques hung in memory of notable people, and, of course, amazing stained glass windows.

  • Learn more about the Christian faith – Find out what Christians do during a regular Sunday service, understand key differences between Christianity and other faiths, hear the good news about Jesus explained clearly, encounter a story from the Bible, and have your questions about the Christian faith answered.

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