(Updated 13 March 2021)

Main Church Services

We are planning towards having our first on-site Sunday service for 2021 on Sunday, 28 March. Livestreaming of on-site services will commence the following week. Details of the services and how to book for them will be coming out over the next week.

Our own strict SOPs will be followed for the on-site services, as they were previously, to maximise the safety of our brothers and sisters who are there. To manage the numbers, those who intend to come will be required to book online beforehand.

We will also ensure that we comply with the relevant Government SOPs at the time. At the moment, this would mean that people under 12 and over 60 are not encouraged to come for their own safety, while people who have fever, cough, or other Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed to come for the safety of others.

Online services will continue, although there will be some adjustment in service times due to the livestreaming of the services. Details will be announced closer to the time and will take effect from the weekend of 4 April.

In the meantime, please continue to join us online for our weekly services. The links are below:

Small Groups & Auxiliary Bodies

All our Small Groups and auxiliary bodies are currently meeting online. If you would like to join an online Growth Group, you can do so by filling in this form: stmarys.my/smallgroups

The Multi-Purpose Hall will be available on Thursday and Friday nights for our own small groups to take turns to come in and occasionally meet safely in a physically distanced way. There will be strict SOPs around this as well. It is up to the small groups and their leaders if they wish to take advantage of this. Most of the meetings will remain online. Details of how to book will be forwarded to small group leaders in due course.

The Multi-Purpose Hall or Cathedral will also be available for Auxiliary body meetings, if needed. These will also be subject to strict SOPs. Auxiliary body leaders may contact the Cathedral office for details.

Smaller Services

We are also thankful to God that we now have a long list of people waiting to be baptised at the Cathedral. In the past week or so, we have already begun small services to baptise them. The Iban congregations have started first and the English ones will start soon. We will share information about these baptisms with the  relevant main congregations as they happen so we can thank God together for his grace towards those who are being baptised and to us as a community.

Kids Church

Kids’ Church will remain online for the moment. If you would like to find out more about it, please visit stmarys.my/kids for more information or email kidschurch@stmaryscathedral.org.my to register your child.

Office & Book Corner

The office will be officially open again from Monday, 22 March. You will need to make an appointment beforehand if you wish to come into the office. In the meantime, the office continues to function and you can still contact the Cathedral office on office@stmaryscathedral.org.my or call 011-5760-3484 during office hours. You can also contact the office to make arrangements to visit the Book Corner.

Wedding & Funerals

Weddings will be allowed according to Government SOPs which limit them to 20 people in total at the moment. Pre-registration of all attending is necessary.

Funerals are now allowed but are limited to 30 mourners. Pre-registration of all attending is necessary.

Tourism and Visitors

The Cathedral has been officially closed for tourism since the beginning of the outbreak. However, you can book an online tour from stmarys.my/tours. The Cathedral remains closed to visitors.

Pastoral Visitations

Pastoral care, including routine ministry to the ill and housebound, will continue to happen by phone or online. This helps us protect our congregation members, who may already be sick and vulnerable, from having the virus brought into their homes unintentionally.

However, in cases of special pastoral need, pastors and pastoral visitors are now allowed to do visitation although they cannot do multiple visits on the same day without bathing and putting on fresh clothes. Do feel free to contact the pastoral team about arranging a visit if there is a need to do so.


If you are not already getting regular emails from us, please sign up to our emailing list. You will get updates, links for services, weekly Bible studies and more. You can subscribe at stmarys.my/subscribe.

Help Needed

We all serve God and each other in different ways. At the moment, one big need is for people to volunteer for our Logistics Team and our AV Team. The logistics team welcomes people, takes their temperature as they come in, checks attendance, ensures SOPs are complied with and helps with cleaning and disinfection. The AV team helps with everything to do with the Audio-Visual system and livestreaming. You need not know how to run an AV system to be on the team, but you do need to be willing and able to be trained.

While people on these teams will be expected to comply with the SOPs themselves, they will necessarily be exposed to more people than others at church who are not serving in these ways. For that reason, we are asking the lower risk group, those aged 15-50, to take the lead in serving the rest of the community. If you are willing to help, please do sign up at stmarys.my/volunteer. If you are able to help, please do volunteer. The more people are willing to volunteer, the more services we can open.