(Updated 8 January 2021)

Church Services

All our church services are online at the moment. Please do join us online for our weekly services in English (Sunday 10.00 am), Bahasa Malaysia (Sunday 11.00 am), Iban (Sunday 8.00 am), Mandarin (Saturday 5.00 pm) and Nepali (Sunday 10.00 am). The links are below.

Small Groups

All our Small Groups and auxiliary bodies are currently meeting online. If you would like to join an online Growth Group, you can do so by filling in this form: stmarys.my/SmallGroups


Due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in our community, the office will be shut again from Monday, 11 January 2021 and staff will work from home.

You can still contact the Cathedral office on office@stmaryscathedral.org.my or call 011-5760-3484 during office hours.

Book Corner

The Book Corner is closed at the moment.


Due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in our community, there will be no weddings or other occasional services from 11 January to 31 March.

Tourism and Visitors

The Cathedral has been officially closed for tourism since the beginning of the outbreak. However, you can book an online tour from stmarys.my/tours

The Cathedral will remain closed to all visitors during this time.

Pastoral Visitations

In light of the pandemic, routine pastoral visitation has only been happening by phone or online. Given the worsening situation, this is likely to continue for some time. This helps us protect our congregation members, who may already be sick and vulnerable, from having the virus brought into their homes unintentionally.

However, pastoral visitation is happening on request when there are cases of pressing need. So please do feel free to contact your congregational pastor to arrange a visit if you think this may be the case. Pastors will then seek the Dean’s permission to do the visit. In such cases, the member and their family will also be asked to weigh the risk of a pastoral visit before accepting it. 


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