Christianity Explored is a course that helps you to explore who the God of the Bible is and what He says about life’s meaning and purpose.

We will start with 2 sessions from the ‘Life Explored’ course followed by 8 sessions from the ‘Christianity Explored’ course. Naturally, you will receive the full, legitimate written materials for both courses.

Please join us online for these sessions. You can register using the form below.

Course Outline:

From Life Explored:

Week 1:           The Good God
Week 2:           The Trustworthy God

From Christianity Explored:

Week 3:           The Good News
Week 4:           Identity
Week 5:           Sin
Week 6:           The Cross
Week 7:           The Resurrection
Week 8:           Grace
Week 9:           The Sower, James & John, Herod
Week 10:         Come and Die

Date and Time:

10 online sessions on Sundays starting 26 December 2021, 2.00 pm.

Register here: