What’s the best gift

We all want to be happy.
Why is lasting happiness so hard to find?


Life Explored is a course that will help people uncover what they’re really living for, and shows how, in Christ, God meets our deepest desire for happiness. Each session explores an aspect of God’s character. We see that the God of the Bible is good, trustworthy, generous, liberating, fulfilling, life-giving and joyful. And ultimately we see that the greatest pleasure in life is enjoying God himself.

We invite you to join us for 7 Sundays, 2-4pm, starting from 26 May 2024.

A simple complimentary lunch will be served from 1.30pm each week before the course begins and we’d love for you to join us for that as well.

If you are unable to join the in-person course, you may also request for online sessions with a facilitator.


Course Outline
Session 1 The Good God

Session 2 The Trustworthy God 
Session 3
The Generous God

Session 4 The Liberating God
Session 5 The Fulfilling God
Session 6 The Life-Giving God
Session 7 The Joyful God