Singing has been an important part of the gathering of God’s people since Old Testament times. Through singing, we praise God in response to his grace, and particularly for salvation in Jesus. We proclaim his truth to one another and to ourselves, and we encourage one another in Christ.

The Cathedral Choirs exist to help and encourage the whole congregation to be doing this, as they strengthen and lead everyone in the hymns and other parts of the service. As they do, they are supported by the historic Henry Willis pipe organ, and a dedicated team of organists.

An ideal chorister is someone who has a lively faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, a love of singing his praise, and a commitment to attend regular practices and services.

8.30 am Choir

The original morning choir, the 8.30 choir also sings for many of the special seasonal services during the year.

The 8.30am service is a sung Eucharistic service, and so includes four congregational hymns, sung parts of the liturgy, and a few hymns or anthems to be sung during communion. The choir traditionally wear robes at this service. Additional practices may be called before special services.

10.30 am Choir

Officially formed at the start of Advent 2014, the 10.30am choir leads the singing for the 10:30 family service.

Most Sundays, there will be four congregational hymns, plus two or three hymns to be sung during communion. The choir dress neatly for the service, but don’t usually wear robes. The practice for the following week follows the service itself, after a short break.

6.00 pm Evensong

The Evensong Choir is a long established group helping with the singing of sung evensong each Sunday. As well as three congregational hymns, the service contains a sung Psalm, canticles, various sung versicles and responses, and a hymn during communion.

The choir practice takes place at 5pm, immediately before the service. Choristers are robed for service in their distinctive evensong robes.