Ministry Intern Training Scheme (MiT)

What is the Cathedral’s MiT Scheme all about?

An important aspect of our vision as a Cathedral is to serve God’s Kingdom by identifying, encouraging and training more leaders for His church in Malaysia. Under God, we want be involved in training a new generation of Christ-centred, Bible-teaching, disciple-making leaders who will love and serve God’s people and take the Gospel out in our nation and beyond.

The goal of the Cathedral’s MiT scheme is to provide 1-2 years of exposure and on-the-job-training and hands-on ministry opportunities to people identified as potential church leaders. This will prepare them for a lifetime of Gospel ministry, and help them and the church discern if they are suited to do this in a long-term, full-time, paid capacity. Our prayer is that many will go on to become clergy, deaconesses, and other ministry workers.

What is involved?

There are two aspects to the training programme:

1. Learning

Interns will be trained theologically and in ministry skills. Theological training seeks to develop their Bible-handling skills, knowledge and understanding of Scripture and ability to faithfully use and apply a passage in ministry contexts.

Ministry skills training helps to equip interns to better serve the Gospel and God’s people. This may include training in evangelism, pastoral care, discipleship, children and youth work, leading Bible studies, counselling, and administry. The programme is tailored to the specific knowledge, ministry skills and experience of each intern and so no two interns will have the same programme.

In addition, interns will attend weekly Bible studies and training sessions with the pastoral team. A mentor will also regularly meet up with the intern to read the Bible and pray with them, and to guide, counsel and train them.

2. Serving

Alongside their ministry skills training, interns will be actively involved in a variety of ministries suited to their skills and capabilities. These may include evangelistic activity, follow up, pastoral work, children and youth work, organising events, home visitation, teaching, leading, and 1-2-1 discipleship. Through serving in these areas, interns will be exposed to both the joys and challenges of ministry as well as contribute to the body of Christ.

How can I support the MiT scheme?

We would like you to partner with us in this scheme. Partners pray for the interns and support the scheme financially in large or small ways.

1. Prayer. Each intern will produce and send out a regular email prayer letter: you can sign up for it on the form overleaf. Pray that God would be growing our interns in their knowledge and love of Him, and equipping them to serve His people.

2. Financial support. Interns are offered a monthly scholarship of which they have to raise 50% themselves. This enables interns to develop valuable skills in fundraising for ministry work. Funding for the other 50% of their scholarship will come from the main Cathedral MiT Sub Fund.

Donations which are made towards the MiT scheme are administered by the Cathedral and allow us to keep on training interns for the work of ministry. Please note that if donations for any individual intern in the scheme exceed the amount needed, excess funds will go to the main MiT Sub Fund. If you are a regular supporter, we will contact you to confirm if you are happy to have your donation diverted.

How can I sign up?

To indicate your partnership in this scheme, please fill in the online form.

What if I just want to give but not sign up?

If you would like to donate without filling in the form, you can still do so. Details are below.


Donations can be made in the following ways:

1. Cash donation in a clearly marked envelope stating

– MiT Sub Fund + Name of intern

2. Cheque donation – cheques should be made out to ‘St. Mary’s Cathedral’. Please mark the back of the cheque clearly with the following:

– MiT Sub Fund + Name of intern

3. Online transfer or bank in directly to the Cathedral’s account.

Details are:

Bank Account name: The Synod of the Diocese of West Malaysia – St.Mary’s Cathedral

Bank Account number: 312-1-4233469-1

Bank name: Standard Chartered Bank Berhad

Receipt Reference – MIT: <Intern’s Initials>

If sending from overseas:


Payment currency must be in originator currency.

Please email the banking in slip or online transfer receipt to stating that it is for:

– MiT Sub Fund + Name of intern


All donations will be allocated to the intern you nominate. However, when an internship is complete, any surplus funds will be reallocated to the general MiT sub-fund.

If you would like more information please contact