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We as God’s people have been called to be pilgrims in this fallen world, in hopes for an eternal city built by God.

The Psalms have been the prayers of God’s people as we hold on to the certainty of future hope in Christ, but face the present reality of brokenness and evil.

This year, we will learn together how to pray through the Psalms and hopefully be strengthened together to sojourn as God leads us.

15-17 September 2024


Ancasa Residences, Port Dickson

Camp Fees

Note: Subsidised by the church

Normal / Adult
Twin Sharing (RM420/pax)
Mattress (RM300/pax)

0 - 4yo (FREE)
5 -12yo Bed (RM420/pax)
5 -12yo Mattress (RM300/pax)
5 -12yo Food ONLY (RM200/pax)




Rev. John Warner is from the Bush Church Aid, Australia. He trained at Moore Theological College and was ordained in the Diocese of Sydney in 2003. Before accepting the role with BCA, John worked as an evangelist, pastor and church planter with Holy Trinity Adelaide. He is married to Geetha and they have four adult children.

14 Exciting Electives

We will cover various topics such as godly relationships, better understanding of the scripture and how to maintain our faith when navigating through everyday issues like cultural differences and ethical debates.

Note: Each participant can attend up to 3 sessions.

Redeemed Courtship
Approaching courtship in a God-glorifying way.

Am I Saved?
How do I know FOR SURE that I'm saved?

What Does The Holy Spirit Do For Believers?
What can we know what the Holy Spirit does in us today and why does it matter?

Sufficiency Of Scripture
Why it's important to hold Scripture as the ultimate authority, and how it benefits us.

Sharing The Gospel
Thinking through helpful ways to share the gospel with those around you.

How Can I Know God's Will?
When facing decisions in life, how do we make the right choice? Does God tell us how? How can we know?

Biblical Apologetics
Why we're called to defend our faith, and why it's important for us today.

Financial Stewardship
What should we do with our money? How can I view money rightly?

Dealing With Lament In A Right Way
How does one lament without being swept away by grief?

Christian Approach To Chinese Customs
What can Christians do/not do when it comes to Chinese customs? What should our attitude be?

Loving God's Church
Thinking through how and why we go to church each week, and how each of us can begin to do it.

Gospel Marriage
How can we live out our marriage according to the Gospel?

Christian Ethics
How can we know what is right/wrong for Christians.

Issues That Divide Christians 
How can we know when to agree to disagree, and when to stand our ground with other Chrsitians?

We will be updating the site with more details in the coming weeks. So keep coming back to stay updated!

See you in Ancasa!