St Mary’s Cathedral is organising a church camp this year!

After many years of the pandemic where the last camp was halted a few years back, the idea is to speed up and run well to the venue (pardon the pun).

SMAGLOW stands for Smacking Glorious Weekend! It will combine (for the very first time) the English services at the church comprising the congregations from both the main English Liturgical and also the SMACC services.


Sign Up for Electives and Calling for Volunteers!

We will need some volunteers at the camp and if you're able to help we would greatly appreciate it. Many hands make light work, and this would ensure that everybody has a good time.

We also have 9 electives to choose from; due to how many of us there are, allocations to 3 elective slots will be made by the organising committee.

Please choose 5 electives and indicate your availability to volunteer via the form:

Sign-up Form


Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort, Janda Baik.
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Please note that SMAGLOW is happening after a public holiday (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday) and the main road towards Janda Baik could be potentially congested.


Registration opens from 12pm to 2.oopm.
Head straight to Cherengin Ballroom when you arrive. SMAGLOW will start with some exciting warm up and introductory sessions. Be ready and get set for Running Well!


  1. Pre-read the first half of the book of Hebrews and Psalm 100*.
  2. Meet people outside your usual circle. Find out about their families and ministries. Share the joys & struggles.
  3. Think "how can I apply this?" in your own life, in ministry, and in your communities.
  4. Expect & pray for God to speak to you through His Word.

    *English Standard Version (ESV) will be used for preaching throughout the whole camp


  1. A red t-shirt (for group photo)
  2. Toiletries
  3. A hard copy of the Bible or a Bible app (no hard copies of the Bibles will be provided)
  4. Stationery for writing, notebook
  5. Water bottle / mug for making your drinks (refill station is available)
  6. Snacks (if you’re on any special diet)
  7. Jacket / sweater
  8. Suitable shoes for outdoor activities
  9. Swimwear for pool time
  10. Masks (if you wish to wear them)
  11. Something to do during free time e.g., frisbee, boardgames
  12. Medication (if required)
  13. Mosquito repellent & mosquito stickers (for children)
  14. Wet wipes & sanitiser
  15. ID / NRIC & wallet
  16. Charger for phone / devices
  17. Pillow / blanket (for your children to get comfortable)

Please join us in prayer for:

  1. The camp, that everyone will come ready to learn.
  2. Intentionality in conversations between all participants across congregations.
  3. Follow up - learning & relationships will continue even after the camp.
  4. Committee & volunteer teams as they prepare in the midst of juggling full-time jobs and other commitments.
  5. Speakers, elective leaders & kids’ church volunteers as they prepare for the camp.


Q1. Where is the SMAGLOW Camp venue?

A: We will be heading to the hills of Janda Baik, and staying at Cherengin Hills, which is about 50 km north from our Church, and on average will take approximately 1 hour to get there on a good day.

You can find out more about the hotel at this link:

Checkout their description below, looks very encouraging! 

Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort is at the pinnacle of tranquility, a hillside contemporary retreat hidden in between Janda Baik’s lush tropical rainforest in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. Be immersed with the refreshing change of the cool day’s climate of 23°C to 28°C that drops to 22°C when evening dawns, all at an altitude of 600m to 800m above sea level. For the Kuala Lumpur city dwellers, it takes less than an hour of leisure drive on the Karak Highway for a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Q2. What is the church camp SMAGLOW all about?

A: The SMAGLOW church camp is a time for the community of believers from the English services to come gather and meet for the weekend for a time of communal fellowship.The theme of this camp is “Running Well”. The weekend will be a focused event with talks from our guest speaker, simultaneously-run electives on topics related to the theme of the camp, ice-breakers & games, with lots of fun activities thrown in plus food and snacks to keep the energy going - all whilst we hold each other in prayer and loving care. It will be a time to bond, to get to know each other better, to meet others whom we hardly get to on a regular Sunday and participate in discussing the future and vision of the Church.

Q3. Who is the speaker?

A: Our brother Nick Loi who is pastoring at Christ Church Ipoh will be joining us as Guest Speaker.

Q4: I have a big family, can I take the Triple Room and add mattresses? 

A: For the Triple room option, the bedroom will not have sufficient space to fit another mattress. 

Q5: I live nearby, can I do day trips to the Camp site and not stay the night? 

A: We will not recommend this. The logistics for food and spaces in the meeting hall/rooms are only for stay-in campers. There are also additional safety risks and costs when commuting to be considered. 

Q6: If I choose to not stay the nights, how much will it be to pay for just the food and attendance at the Camp?

A: Cherengin Hotel has given us a good package for stay-in campers including use of the main meeting hall/rooms plus meals during the duration of the camp. To split the different components of the camp package and then keep track will not be easy, and preferably avoided.

Q7: I am working on that Friday, can I attend the Camp on Saturday and Sunday instead? Meaning I just stay for 1 night? 

A: At the point of writing, there is no 2D1N option. Our suggestion will be to take the full camp package comprising 3D2N; try your best to make your way to the campsite on Friday after your work and then make the best of the time left on Friday and the weekend. We encourage participants to arrive on Friday to get a good rest for the exciting programme of activities ahead. The Organising Committee is aware of this situation and we are trying our best to manage the concerns raised. 

Q8: What if I really want to go but can’t afford to do so or that I have my entire family to cover?

A: The OC is aware of this issue. Our suggestion will be to say that do not let this challenge stop you or your family from coming. Please fill in the form and indicate the amount that you genuinely need help. We are also at the same time seeking sponsorships. The OC will then let you know the status of your request and we are optimistic that all will share the load and everyone will be able to make it. 

Please be assured that we are mindful of the sensitivity of any information you share and provide; it will not be shared outside the select few in the OC handling the money matters and will be protected as much as possible on a need-to-know basis. 

Q9: Will there be free time during camp?

A: Yes, there will certainly be free time during the camp. It is not a boot-camp or military training. The OC plans to strike a fair balance in the various activities - thus take it as pray, eat, rest, repeat 😀

Q10: How can I be serving and helping out in this camp? 

A: Thank you for your eagerness to serve! Please seek out the various Camp Reps assigned to your regular service - you can see them plus their beauty pics on this site. Indicate your keenness to help / volunteer, and thee shall be enlisted! 

Q11: Will there be any arrangements for transportation or to carpool if I can't drive to camp? 

A: Please indicate in the form. We are hoping our campers will respond to the need.

Q12: Why is the camp so expensive? 

A: There are several reasons for this - rising costs of all things, ‘revenge’ travel, and the performance of our Ringgit lately. All of these and more have brought about an increase of expenses all round. 

We can share the following with you: 

  • We sourced and scoured a wide variety of locations
  • Not many hotels can accommodate up to 300 pax
  • We preferred to go to a place which will not be too far for many living in the Klang Valley
  • We started as early as Jan/Feb this year in our hunt for the right venue for the right price 
  • Majority if not all of the hotels provided us with rates which we found to be on the expensive side 
  • We bargained a few rounds and also site-visited those that were narrowed down. 
  • In the end, after many hours spent on this endeavour, Cherengin in our view was the best in terms of its vicinity to those living in Klang Valley, pricing, willingness to negotiate in a manner that was fair and reasonable, provided us with extra freebies such as more meeting rooms, better meal packages and generally easygoing on the whole.

We trust the above gives you an idea of why despite your impression that the camp is coming across as expensive, in the circumstances, it is one of the most reasonably priced options in the market. 

Children's Programme


  1. Is there a program specifically for children?

Yes! We have a dedicated kids' program designed for children aged 3-12 years. The program will run alongside the adult sessions / elective activities each day, offering a variety of engaging activities for the children to enjoy, including:

  • Singing
  • Bible Stories
  • Games
  • Craft activities

  1. Will there be a crèche?

Absolutely! We have a self-supervised crèche area specifically designed for children under the age of 3. It will be located at the back of the main hall, allowing mothers with young children to remain nearby and listen to the talks.

Additionally, there will be a dedicated room next to the main hall where mothers can relax and spend time with their young ones, providing a comfortable space to play and attend to their changing needs.

  1. What activities are available for children after dinner?

Some children may choose to sleep, while others can look forward to not just one, but two movie nights! Adult supervision will be provided to ensure safety.

  1. Are there any main activities in which children will also participate?

Certainly! They will join them for meals, break sessions, participate in games, and even be involved in certain parts of the main sessions.


Nick Loi

Suaran & Family

Previous campers

Camp Reps


Suaran Singh
Camp Chair


Daniel Woon
Liturgical 7.00 am


Joyce Yu
Liturgical 9.00 am


Elizabeth Peter
Liturgical 11.00 am


Vicky Wong


Lydia Lee