Our small groups are a helpful way to grow in our knowledge and love of God together as a community. We seek to grow together in Christ as we study God's Word and pray together in the context of community. Thus, our small groups are a great opportunity to be 'speaking the truth in love' (Ephesians 4:15).

The following is a list of small groups that meet at different times during the week - some online, and some in-person.

If you are interested to join one, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page, and we'd be pleased to connect you to one.


Andrew Cheah
Thilly Abraham

Michael Wong

Wynn Tee

Darren Lee



Kevin Wong
Yvonne Wong
Kristen Patrick

Joseph Lum
Kenneth Ho

Benjamin Soo
Derrick Tan
Abigail Angus
Rachel Tan

Indran Kasilingam

Chee Keat Lee
Chin Kang Siah
Benedict Tham

Matthew Lim
Kenny Cheah
Fany Cheah

Justin Kang
Simeon Koh



Dinesh Natorajan
Joshua Yong

Timothy Ong
Melissa Tiong

Jack Holtby
Victor Yeow

Zi Hui Lo

Wei Ren Luo
Zheng Yang Lee
Audrey See Tho

Dinesh Natorajan
Fiona Tan

Darren Lee
Hanz Kok
Lydia Lee

Jian Di Lee


Cathedral Women’s Bible Study (CWBS)

Anna Kimis
Kristy Yee

Ayesha Smith

Ann Gunapalan

Sze Wen Ng

Judi Cheah

Mary Lee

Judi Cheah

Nid Quah


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