16 October 2020

The Dean's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This week, the Government imposed a new CMCO in the Klang Valley that affects us all. We have once again been restricted in our movements and in our activities in order to help stem the rising numbers of people infected with Covid-19 and to flatten the infection curve. In particular, we are not able to meet on-site for church for at least the next 2 Sundays.

Each of us are experiencing these changes in different ways. They are a grave disappointment to some, and a welcome relief to others. Many will be affected economically and many who are already feeling disconnected from others will find things even harder. Different ones of us will have different opinions, not only about the CMCO, but about many things that have to change because of it – whether at work, in the family or at church. Let us be all the more careful to be patient, and to love and support each other as we navigate these changes.

In the midst of all this, let us also be thankful for the stability of knowing, trusting and relying on a God who never changes. His love for us is constant and expressed especially in Christ’s death in our place. The eternal future of those who trust in him is assured by Christ’s resurrection and ascension. In times of rapid change like these, it is important to remember that these things, the things of ultimate importance, do not change. Here is a good prayer for each of us to reflect on and to make our own:

Merciful Lord, you alone can order our unruly wills and affections.
Teach us to love what you command,
and to desire what you promise,
that, among the changes and chances of this world,
our hearts may surely be fixed
where true joys are to be found,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Based on the BCP Collect for the 4th Sunday after Easter)

In the meantime, we are thankful to God that we can still meet together online even though we are not able to meet in person for another season. If you are in one of our English language congregations, please note that we will only have one combined English online service of Morning Prayer which will be at 10.00 am. Service times for other languages are unchanged but they will also be fully online.

Please keep praying for each other and helping each other through these days. Please especially think of people who may be living alone and give them a call or a WhatsApp message to see how they are doing. Please do contact the pastoral team or other church leaders if you or the people you are serving need particular spiritual or other care.

May the Lord continue to comfort, preserve and keep you as you love and trust him.

Your brother in Christ,

Andrew Cheah

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Sunday, 18 October

Contacting the Cathedral Office

Our Cathedral office is also closed but our staff are working from home and you can call the office on 011 5760 3484 during office hours.

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